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The-Seventh-Duchess-Spirit-2Spirit Tea

Spirit – Organic Energy Tea

Lovingly made with 100% certified organic ingredients

A tisane that fortifies the soul and energisies the spirit. Carefully selected organic ingredients in our Spirit Blend blend invoke energy and mental clarity. This natural energy drink gently revitalises and uplifts the mind and body,  bolstering the metabolism and digestion to help you perform at your peak. Spirit offers a warming, rewarding fix at any time of the day.

FEEL Refreshed & Focused

Apothecary by The Seventh Duchess, is a collection of 100% organic, naturally herbal, tisane blends that help celebrate your best self. Mindful of the ailments and stressors of modern life, our herbal elixirs are meticulously formulated with a balanced combination of therapeutic ingredients to meet specific health and wellbeing needs.

The Seventh Duchess Apothecary blends seek to naturally assist, alleviate and reduce various symptoms. We do not recommend that our blends replace or are preferred to medically prescribed treatments. Please always consult a medical professional for any health conditions and questions that relate to pregnancy.


100% organic ingredients of liquorice root from Uzbekistan, cinnamon from Indonesia, cardamom seed from Guatemala, and ginger from Myanmar

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