Tea Party
Tea PartyTea Party

The Tea Party

The Tea Party captures that communal spirit of sipping tea with friends and the quintessential custom of afternoon tea that has held societies together for thousands of years and inspired countless rituals. Put the kettle on and practice the art of loose leaf tea in a pot. Let the shared brew rouse warm, lingering feelings of kinship. That’s the magic of this little luxury.

The Tea Party Tea Set contains:

  • 1 Gilded Brass Tray (9 inches), imported from India, will show signs of aged patina
  • 1 Handmade Borosilicate Glass Tea Pot (600ml)
  • 4 Handmade Borosilicate Glass Tea Cups (50ml)
  • 1 Loose Leaf Tea Blend of your choice

We recommend picking green tea blends, white tea blends or floral tisanes for your glass tea set.

Weight 1.5 kg

$ 127.40

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